Our next audition takes place on:

Thursday 8th July 2021

5pm – 6.30pm

Online, via Zoom

In order to join the audition, you simply need to register your details in the form below.

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email, within 3 days, confirming the details for the Zoom session. This will session will include a warm-up, set phrase and creative task and will be a chance to meet one another, learn more about PYDC and ask any questions you may have about the company.

After the session, you will be set a short task to complete and film to be submitted a week later. After this, the panel will watch all the footage and select next years company.

For more information and and to help with any questions you may have, please read our FAQ’s.

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  • Give us a sense of what you want to gain from your experience in the company.
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  • Photo, Moving Image and Case Study Consent

    We would like to use photographs and film of you, as well as information you provide about yourself in case studies, to populate printed and digital marketing material, success stories, testimonials and for use on social media. You can consent to Blue Moose Dance using photographs and film of you and/or content from case studies by ticking the relevant boxes below. In the case of young people aged under 18, we require consent from a parent or guardian on their behalf and adhere to protect the young person through our Child Protection Policy. If you provide your consent below, you are agreeing that Blue Moose Dance can use your images in photographic and film format and/or content from case studies about you in any type of marketing materials including (but not limited to) Blue Moose Dance websites, websites of other affiliated organisations, on and offline publications, public relations messages and other advertising, such as social media, brochures, information leaflets, adverts, posters and other formats to promote Blue Moose Dance and its activities. You agree that the photographs, film and/or case studies may be used in this way without payment or further contact from Blue Moose Dance, for the foreseeable future. Please note that your photographs/film/case studies may be used together or may appear individually. Please note: Photographs, film footage and case studies will only be used by Blue Moose Dance and any affiliated parties within the specific project they were taken and will not be passed to third parties for marketing purposes. If you would like further information, a copy of this form or to tell Blue Moose Dance that you no longer want your images and/or case studies used in the ways outlined above, please contact Sarah Hall on
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