From HEAD to TOE – Call and Response

Word Class – Call and Response

From HEAD to TOE – Preposition Hand Jive

Word Class – Prepositions

From HEAD to TOE – Expanded Noun Phrase

Word Class – Expanded Noun Phrase Sequence

From HEAD to TOE – Verbs and Adverbs

Word Class – Verbs and Adverbs

From HEAD to TOE – Punctuate this

Word Class – Punctuation

From HEAD to TOE – Rounding

Place Value – Rounding

From HEAD to TOE – Points to the floor

Place Value – Points to the Floor

From HEAD to TOE – Odds and Evens

Place Value – Odds and Evens Groovy Moves

From HEAD to TOE – Creep to the Croc

Place Value – Greater than and Less than

From HEAD to TOE – Comparing

Place Value – Comparing


In Summer 2020, as a result of moving our classes online, PYDC decided to embrace the new technology as an opportunity to make performance work in a new way! A grid of squares, limited wiggle room, technical difficulties and a collection of sofa cushions…! We connected, we explored, we played and we laughed. A digital […]

PYDC in Avenham Park


In August 2017, some members of PYDC took over Avenham and Miller Parks in Preston for a sited dance workshop. Exploring themes of Inquiry and Connection, here are the results of their creative exploration!

Community Projects

Project Place

PROJECT: Place was a 2 day Dance Film Intensive delivered by Blue Moose Dance Company. PROJECT: Place brought together 9 dancers, aged 7 – 16years in Craven, North Yorkshire to create a Dance Film inspired by their surrounding landscape, environment and community, led by Dance Artists & Film Makers, Sarah Hall & Zanna Dennis. This […]



STRIDE captures our diverse and vibrant communities and outstanding surroundings of the Dales and Lakes, featuring hundreds of feet from Dancers to Farmers, moving and grooving across our countryside, villages and towns. STRIDE was commissioned by Great Place: Lakes and Dales and created over 3 very wet days in May 2020. Directed by: Sarah Hall […]