Introducing our Making it Happen Podcast! 

A podcast giving you real-life, industry-relevant creative careers advice for the dance and wider arts sector, featuring Artists who are actually “making it happen” right now.

Series 1: Creative Careers

Join us to learn more about creative careers and get advice from Artists who are actually making it happen right now! Featuring Blue Moose Dance Company, Rachel Thornton (Artist & Printmaker), Film on the Brain and Charles Tyrer (Settle Stories). Hosted by Sarah Hall, Zanna Dennis & resident young artist, Amy D.

Commissioned by Great Place: Lakes and Dales, recorded and produced by King Sound Studio.

Series 2: Youth Dance

As part of the Rural Steps project, series 2 brings you an exciting podcast series in which we chat to Youth Dance Artists from across the North of England, Parents of young dancers, and the young dancers themselves! Each episode gives real-life examples of youth dance activity happening right now, how to get started, what the parents and young people think of their regular sessions and ideas for where youth dance should go in the future. Hosted by Sarah Hall.

This podcast sits alongside the Making It Happen Toolkit and has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and made possible through ongoing support from Yorkshire Dance, the York and North Yorkshire Dance Network and Craven District Council. Recorded and produced by King Sound Studio.