Dancing in Lockdown

PYDC faces on zoom
Posted: 10 February 2021
PYDC faces on zoom

Oh, how we miss dancing together in one space! What a year for it eh?! Back in April 2020, PYDC moved to Zoom as a chance to keep developing our practice and keep moving together…and have been dancing online ever since! As always, our focus is on making exciting and innovative performance work and we saw this new digital format as a great opportunity to test out new ideas. Over several months, exploring the ideas of connecting and re-connecting, and loosing (internet) connection, PYDC created ‘re-connecting’ a new piece recorded solely through the Zoom platform. This work was selected for UDance Digital 2020 in July, and subsequently shared as part fo the Flexus Dance #HoldingHands Platform in August 2020.

Now that we are deep into another national lockdown and currently working on our next remote performance work, we thought we would share this creation with you!

Check it out via our Media page and do feel free to drop us a comment or like to help celebrate the wonderful talents of this fantastic group of young artists!